Custom closet gallery


Kristen Foss

“Thank you so much, NorthWoods, for my fabulous closet organizer! Not only was it affordable, but the quality and functionality are just what I needed. They were very intentional and thoughtful with the design they chose to best fit my closet space. I have a spot for everything. Customer service was exceptional. Trust me, you’ll want to organize every space in your house after!”

Stephanie Dupuis

“I moved into a house that didn’t have enough bedrooms for our family. So the room we turned into a bedroom didn’t have a closet. I tried to make my own shelving but it just didn’t work, and looked awful.
I decided I needed a custom closet. I reached out to Northwoods Manufacturing and they helped me design the perfect closet. They are very knowledgeable and helped design a closet that was better than I could have imagined. I did have one request that I have a black closet instead of white. They made that happen. It has been 4 years now that we had it designed and installed and it still looks as great as it did on the first day. The drawers work so smoothly the quality is amazing! I finally have a closet I can show off and it has helped me stay organized. I will definitely be working with Northwoods Manufacturing again in the future!”

Dave Kamins

“I decided to work with NorthWoods Manufacturing on our new cabinets because they had great referrals and a great location. Plus, I was impressed with the shop tour. Both Chris and then Josh were exceptionally accommodating to my constant design changes and project additions along the way. I appreciated and came to depend on their comments, concerns, and suggestions. Several aspects about my custom cabinets make me smile: (1) The amazing fidelity to my original design, (2) The exceptional quality of construction, (3) The beauty of the cherry wood and natural finish. When working with NorthWoods Manufacturing, be patient, not because of delays but because designing and building cabinets of this caliber takes time.”