Five Creative Storage Solutions

When you want to add some more space and a little style to your kitchen without necessarily remodeling the entire thing, you need to be creative. If you rent your home, or aren’t ready to undertake major renovations, adding some accents that work as storage can help make your kitchen a better place. After all, you can’t remodel every year, so keep your kitchen fresh by adding in some fun yet functional storage pieces. These can also act as accent pieces that draw attention, show off your creativity and individuality, and of course, help keep your kitchen organized. Here are some easy to accomplish storage solutions.

  • Repurposed Island – if you already have an island, chances are it has plenty of space for you to work with. But many people forget about their island’s storage space for one simple reason: you can’t always see it. Bring that storage out in the open for everyone to see by removing the doors. With free, open space, you can store more items! Show off the good china, your special occasion crystal, or even your bigger cooking pots and pans. Because islands are in the middle of the kitchen, they are in a convenient location and can be made into an attractive accent.
  • Use Overhead Space – overhead space is a hot commodity, though you may not realize it yet. If you’re running out of room in your cabinets, make use of this space by hanging items. Repurpose an old chandelier by adding a few hooks or install a hanging system to hang anything you want – make a coffee mug mobile, or a dedicated space for your cookware. Glass racks are available at home improvement stores and come in many styles; choose one to hang from the ceiling and show off your wine or pint glasses can give your kitchen some vineyard style, and clear out room in your cupboards for other items. Make sure your system is hanging low enough to reach, but high enough that you won’t be bumping into it every time you reach for a glass.
  • Add Pull-Out Trays To Base Cabinets – Deep, low cabinets have ample storage but can also become inconvenient resting places for all your cookware that you don’t use that often. If you hate trying to dig in the cabinets to find the one item you’re looking for (here’s looking at you, mini skillet) you may want to consider installing a pull-out tray system to allow for better organization. Hang cleaning supplies under the sink, or matched cookware with lids, or just about anything – and pull them out into full view instead of frantically searching for them in the depths. Installing pull out trays certainly won’t cost near as much as a full renovation, but will give your kitchen an organization boost. Best of all, NorthWoods can custom size pullouts to fit your existing cupboards.
  • Use Wall Space To Hang Items – if you have the DIY spirit, you can use a portion of pegboard and some hooks from your home improvement or hardware store to create a wall space to hang utensils, mugs, or anything you want to get off the counter. You’ll need to mount this in your kitchen, so make sure you know what tools and supplies you’ll need (screws, anchors, etc.). Paint the pegboard a bright color (or whichever color that matches your kitchen) to give it more style.
  • Give Lids Their Own Home – if you have a lot of pots, you probably have a lot of corresponding lids. You probably also have spent a lot of time looking through these pots and lids. If you install a towel bar on the cabinet doors, you can slide pot lids into it and give the lids their own home. This will allow you to stack pots, saving you space and organizing the contents of your cabinets at the same time! Depending on the lids’ size and the placement of the bars, you can fit two to four pot lids along the towel racks.

by nc-admin