Get Organized! Rev-A-Shelf Can Help Erase Kitchen Clutter

Even the most beautifully designed and built kitchen – and the most orderly home cook – sometimes needs a bit of help organizing all the items a kitchen holds. That’s where the ultra-organizing tools from Rev-A-Shelf become a life saver!

Imagine reaching into any drawer in your kitchen and being able to put your hand on the exact tool or utensil you need. Or opening your cabinet and finding the right spice container without having to rifle through a clutter of jars. Or being able to find the lid that matches the pot you’re using to cook dinner – without any clanging or clattering!

From tip-out sink fronts that conveniently store sponges and trash pull-outs that make clean up a breeze to lazy Susans and cutlery trays, Rev-A-Shelf offers a handy array of kitchen-organizing accessories that will banish cluttered drawers and cabinet mayhem.

Peg boards designed to fit into the bottom of kitchen drawers may be arranged in a variety of configurations to neatly organize plates and mugs or pots, pans, and covers. Drawer and cabinet inserts and trays designed to hold spices and canned items will keep your storage areas ultra-organized. A variety of knife holders, cutting boards, and cutlery separators allow you to arrange drawers to suit your specific cooking, dining, and entertaining needs.

Bread drawers, under-sink towel racks, under-cabinet wine and stemware racks, pull-out filing systems for holding recipes, mail, or the kids’ school papers… well, the opportunities for getting your kitchen organized really are endless with Rev-A-Shelf!

At Northwoods, we’re so excited about Rev-A-Shelf that we’re giving customers $1,000 in Rev-A-Shelf products with the purchase of a new kitchen through the end of 2014. Ready, set, organize!