Even a busy kitchen can be quiet – with Blum Soft Close

Every home cook knows how noisy a kitchen can get amid the bustle of cooking a meal, baking, or just fixing snacks for the kids. Groceries are dropped onto the counter to free up a hand to open a cupboard and put things away. Dishes rattle as the dishwasher is unloaded. Drawers clatter closed and cabinets slam shut.

Blum® Soft Close drawers and hinges bring a bit of quiet to the kitchen. With a range of high quality Soft Close slides and hinges, Blum® has taken the clatter out of the kitchen – leaving only exceptional function, beautiful design, and a blissfully peaceful kitchen!

Soft Close drawers run smoothly even when they hold lots of weight. Mechanical and electric opening support systems allow convenient, hands-free access to kitchen storage – or the trash drawer when your hands are full!

Northwoods Manufacturing offers a range of Blum® Soft Close hardware. We invite our customers to visit the shop and try out the Soft Close drawers and doors to see (and hear) how quiet they really are – and to find the right style for your new kitchen.

Our Northwoods customers agree that Soft Close hardware helps create a fabulous kitchen atmosphere. One customer, who works nights and catches up on rest during the day, was continually awakened by the slamming of kitchen drawers and doors. Once they installed Soft Close hardware, the whole family was happier – and well rested.

At Northwoods, we joke that the only drawback to using Soft Close hardware in the kitchen is that you can’t vent your frustrations by slamming doors – or drawers!

We are so proud to carry Blum® hardware that we’re offering a free upgrade to Soft Close hardware for any customer who orders a custom kitchen from us through April 30.

Visit our Northwoods website or call 877-788-5532 to learn more.

Kitchen Design from a Chef’s Perspective

Have you ever walked into a friend’s kitchen and admired special features like double wall ovens, or a perfectly placed island with loads of convenient storage space or a kitchen energy that just feels smooth and easy?

Some of that great kitchen design may be pure good luck, but chances are much of it results from a kitchen designer who understands the flow of a superior kitchen layout. And if you can find a kitchen designer who is also a great cook, you’ll win the kitchen design lottery!

Chris Rentz of NorthWoods Manufacuring started out designing commercial office projects for Northwoods, but was soon recruited to jump into designing residential kitchens. The reason? Chris loves to cook, and he’s good at it, too! Whether he’s cooking for one or for a hungry crowd, Chris knows his way around the kitchen.

And he knows what it takes to design a great kitchen space, too!

Here’s what Chris has to say about designing kitchens from a home chef’s point of view:

I’ve cooked forever. I cooked with my dad as a kid and worked in restaurants through high school, then started dabbling in more traditional gourmet fare as an adult. I designed my own kitchen years ago, so designing kitchens for our customers is really fun.

I look at kitchen design from a cook’s point of view. When I’m designing a kitchen for a customer, I consider what I myself would look for as far as conveniences and layout. Because of my cooking experience, I have a good sense of where things should be located for the most convenience.

I really enjoy meeting with customers and finding out how they use their kitchen space, then coming up with unique design ideas to make their kitchens suit their cooking needs and personalities. I’m constantly learning new tricks to making kitchens awesome, functional, and personal for our customers.

Ready to design your perfect kitchen? Give Chris a call at Northwoods to get started!