To Frame or Not To Frame…and other kitchen questions

There are lots of questions involved in designing a new kitchen – what type of wood and finish to use, standard or custom-made cabinets, which appliances to choose. The list goes on. One big choice is whether to opt for face frame or frameless cabinets. For many kitchen designers, the choice is clear:
Frameless cabinets are the best option.

Before we go into the benefits of frameless kitchen cabinets, we’ll offer a few words of explanation. Face frame cabinets are commonly used in stock cabinets. Vertical stiles and horizontal rails surround the cabinet box, and the cabinet doors rest on the surface of the frame. In frameless construction, doors attach directly to the sides of the cabinet box. Cabinet makers – and their customers – are increasingly discovering the many benefits of frameless kitchen cabinets:

  • Sleek look of full overlay cabinet doors
  • Elimination of the center post (typically 2-3 inches wide) at the front of the cabinet, allowing easier access to what’s in your cupboard
  • Kitchen drawers are wider and taller when there is no frame to interfere
  • Frameless cabinetry is more economical (and reduces the environmental footprint on our forests), requiring 30 to 40 fewer board feet of wood than face frame cabinetry

To sum it all up, frameless construction will look fabulous, provide increased storage in both cabinet and drawer space, allow easier access, and SAVE you money!

To complement your fantastic frameless cabinets, you’ll want to be sure to select high quality hinges and drawer slides. Soft-close hardware is a preferred choice for many kitchen shoppers, ensuring drawers and cabinets close gently and eliminating the dreaded slamming doors! High-functioning hinges and slides that provide peace of mind AND peace and quiet? Sounds great to us.

For these and your other kitchen questions, call or visit NorthWoods. We’d love to talk shop with you!

Custom Quality

When it comes to creating a kitchen that combines good looks and great function, quality is key. From wood type and hinges to cabinet design and eco-friendly choices, high-quality components will make a big difference in the look, function, comfort, and longevity of your kitchen.

One of the first considerations when building a new kitchen is whether to go with Custom Cabinets or standard stock cabinets. While it may be tempting to walk into a big store and choose cabinets from the display aisles, custom cabinetry will save both time and money in the long run – and look great right from the get go.

One huge benefit of custom-made cabinets is that they’re designed to fit the space, rather than forcing your kitchen area to accommodate the cabinets available. Cabinets designed and built specifically for your kitchen will mean fewer fillers and more usable space for storage, cooking, and enjoying your kitchen.

Today, many custom cabinetry outfits use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery, which puts an even higher level of precision into a custom job, ensuring that each cabinet, door, and drawer fits exactly the way it should. CNC technology also allows cabinet makers to use highly precise joinery methods not otherwise available, which makes for stronger, more durable cabinets.

To see NorthWoods Manufacturing’s CNC machine at work, check out this video. At NorthWoods, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our kitchen design, assembly, and installation. Give us a call – we’d love to show you around our shop and talk kitchen quality!

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