Let’s get this kitchen started!

Dreaming of a new kitchen, but not sure where to begin? In the modern home, the kitchen is often the most important room – a place where families cook, friends gather, and the news of the day is shared around a meal or a cup of coffee.

Remodeling or updating a kitchen may seem overwhelming, but taken in a step-by-step process, your kitchen project will progress smoothly from dream to done.

The first thing to consider as you begin on a kitchen remodel is the scope of the project. Will you be expanding your existing space or simply reworking it? How much will you be replacing – floors, cabinets, appliances? Is the lighting adequate, or will it need to be updated? Are there enough electrical outlets already in place, or will you need to add or relocate some of them? Do you want to – or need to – update wiring, plumbing, windows, or insulation while you’re remodeling the kitchen

Other details to consider during the initial planning phase are fridge size, oven and range preference, and other specific appliance specifications.

A good contractor can help walk you through these questions and determine the best way to address each one. At NorthWoods, we like to get involved in the kitchen remodeling process as early as possible, and we generally meet with clients and their contractors during this brainstorming phase to find out what they like (or don’t like) about their current kitchen, what kind of cooking and entertaining they do, and the space we’re working with to create a new kitchen.

Working closely with your contractor and kitchen designer and developing a good floor plan will allow you to build your new kitchen on a foundation of solid ideas…a good first step to getting your new kitchen started!


by nc-admin