Fall Decorating Trends

Fall-Kitchen-0697With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to start thinking about easy changes you can make to your home décor. A little fall redecorating can make your home nice and cozy as we gear up for winter and the holidays.

Cozy Up Your Kitchen and Dining Area

Besides baking pumpkin bread and experimenting with your own version of a chai latte, your kitchen can take fall on in the décor department. There’s nothing better than a cozy, fall kitchen, filled with delicious smells and your favorite people. Many choose to serve meals directly in the kitchen, at a small table or bar, instead of the dining room. As nights get longer, perhaps the family will enjoy sitting down to eat a meal together. Use this as an excuse to bring out the fall centerpieces (come on, they have to be good for more than just one Thanksgiving dinner a year!). Swap out your disposable napkins for rust colored cloth ones. Autumn colored curtains are great for those long nights. Instead of bright summer flowers, opt for a vase filled with branches or a fall wreath.

Add Interesting Light Sources

As the nights grow longer, you’re going to need some extra light around your home. Since you’re probably going to be gathering around the fireplace more often as the days grow colder, light up vintage vases with candles to make an eye catching display on your mantle. Now is a great time of year to focus on mantel décor – from string lights in soft autumnal colors, to those glowing pumpkins at Halloween, you’ll enjoy having a little more light in your life. Don’t forget to use the natural light of the sun during the ever shortening days. Open those shutters and blinds to let the light in, or opt for sheer window coverings (especially in the kitchen), that will give you privacy and light at the same time.

Integrate Nature

Our New England habitat is one of foliage, light filtering through the trees, and beautiful fall colors throughout our dense natural places. Chances are you’ll have a bunch of striking fall leaves to use in your decorating. Make a foliage bouquet by arranging your leafy treasures by color and size, and sticking them into a rustic wooden box, wicker basket, or vase. Survey the ground for pinecones and sticks, which can be integrated into your mantel display or into a fall wreath.

Fall Accents

From luxurious, comfortable seating to autumnal artwork, a few little changes can make your home feel warmer for the fall season. Add throw blankets to your living room, pumpkins and gourds to your kitchen and outdoor areas, and some natural fall accents (see above) to your mantel.

Curate A Gallery Look

If you want to add some storage to your living room space (or any room’s space, really), you can opt for an open cabinet display. Wall-mounted storage creates boxes in which to display your favorite things – from family photos and mementos to your fall decorations. Don’t over indulge; be careful to keep your displays sparse in order to achieve a gallery look, instead of a cluttered look.

by nc-admin