Outsource your component cutting and receive quality, custom-machined cabinet parts ready to assemble

Looking to push your business to the next level? NorthWoods Manufacturing can help you save time and money on your projects through its state-of-the-art CNC machining. Our CNC-machined cabinet parts are delivered to you, ready to assemble with all of the joinery, shelf holes and hardware holes already machined in.

Our CNC-machined components will help you achieve greater cost and time savings through:

  • Better cost control: You know up-front what your material and machining costs will be so there are never any surprises or unexpected costs.
  • Greater project efficiency: We handle the mundane cutting work, freeing you up to work on more critical aspects of the project.
  • Attention to detail: You receive quality cabinet parts that fit your specifications and can be assembled quickly and accurately.
  • Quick turn production: Cabinet component machining is two weeks or less.
  • Solutions for non-standard parts: From a one-piece prototype to a thousand-piece production run, we can tailor a CNC solution for machining your nonstandard parts. We also offer inlaid carving options for a detailed, hand-carved look at a fraction of the cost.
  • Wide range of materials: We work with a wide range of materials, including melamine, plywood, solid wood, Corian and other plastics.
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“We made the decision to switch to NorthWoods Manufacturing because we were very disappointed with our previous supplier’s lack of attention to detail and their late deliveries. NorthWoods offers us virtually immediate turn around with no damage. We have direct contact with Bill Rutherford and his crew and can call with any concerns we may have…which are always met with courtesy and patience. It has been a very rewarding experience working with Northwoods.” – Denise D’Eri Closet Place

“We decided to outsource our cabinet part machining to decrease cost and increase efficiency. Initially, I was hesitant about how effectively I could communicate our job requirements. Now that we outsource our cabinet parts to NorthWoods Manufacturing, our business has seen increased productivity and increased productivity. I’d refer them to other shops looking to outsource their cabinet part machining.” – Jim Lovejoy, Cabinetmaker

“I first began using NorthWoods for my parts to speed up my kitchen output and to allow me to focus on the hardwoods which is the part that I enjoy. Prior to using NorthWoods I would spend a couple of weeks handling sheets of plywood – now I can focus that time on the finer parts of cabinetmaking including the hardwood which I enjoy. I would definitely recommend NorthWoods to a friend or colleague.” – Andy Photenas, Cabinetmaker

View The NorthWoods CNC Machine in Action

Give us your eCabinet or AutoCAD file – or even a hand sketch – and we’ll prepare it for machining. With our state-of-the-art CNC machining, we work with tolerances and utilize joinery techniques that are simply not possible with conventional machining. CNC machining also offers the precision required to ensure your products fit together perfectly, with all adjustable shelf and hardware holes, drawer slide and hinge holes already in place. After machining, parts are labeled with the part name, cabinet number and job name.

For those projects that require edge banding, our in-house service allows us to supply parts that are completed and ready to assemble. We’ll save you time and money by applying PVC or wood veneer edge banding – from .018″ to 3mm – to your parts in-house. Add a bit of whimsy or elegance to cabinets or raised panel doors with a design from the Vector Art 3D Collection. From animals and ornaments to icons and professional symbols, all designs are artfully crafted with our CNC router for a detailed, hand-carved look at a fraction of the cost.

Our Production Process Job Flow

Every project sent to NorthWoods Manufacturing for CNC machining undergoes the same rigorous quality control process – from design through delivery.

Job Flow For Custom-Machined Cabinets and Components

  1. Customer files are accepted and a proposal created.
  2. Upon acceptance of the proposal, a 50% deposit is due.
  3. Files are reviewed for accuracy and any necessary programming is completed.
  4. Materials are ordered.
  5. Any custom panels are laid up in the hot press.
  6. Parts are machined on Thermwood CNC Router.
  7. All parts are labeled as they come off the machine.
  8. Edge banding is applied as needed.
  9. Job is verified for accuracy.
  10. Job is cleaned and inspected by Quality Control
  11. Job is packed on skids or crated and prepared for shipping or pickup by customer.
  12. Balance of job cost is due prior to shipping or at time of pickup.

“This is my first time outsourcing cabinet parts for a project. I have thought about it in the past but not knowing what to expect kept me from taking the leap. I must say that my experience with NorthWoods Manufacturing and you personally has removed any doubts about using outsourcing of cabinet parts for my projects in the future.

This was a huge project for my company and without your help and the excellent service you have provided, it would have been impossible to have tackled.

NorthWoods Manufacturing has provided an excellent product for me to complete this project for a hospital job in New Orleans, Louisiana. The cabinet parts that you have milled on your Thermwood Router have been fitting together well with very few problems.

I would not hesitate to use your company again for any future parts manufacturing that I have.” – Ted Allen, Owner, Allen Construction


“I want to express our deep satisfaction for the way your company handled our order for machining kitchen parts.
Your support, from layout of the parts in AutoCAD to the quick turnaround and delivery and the perfection of machining, demonstrates the degree of responsibility that you and your team put toward all your services.

Many projects will follow, and be assured that we will be employing your services to take them to the level of quality that our customers request.

It was a pleasure working with you.” – Jorge Oliveira, President, B.O.H. Interiors


“My experience with NorthWoods Manufacturing has had a very positive impact on my business in many ways. We are a small high-end custom cabinet and furniture shop right outside of Boston. In this affluent area, there are many large cabinet and millwork companies with plenty of financial backing to equip themselves with the latest in woodworking equipment technology. By outsourcing our cabinet component cutting to NorthWoods, it gives us the same technological advantage as the bigger shops, only without the overhead. This gives us the opportunity to remain competitive in our market.


I made the switch to NorthWoods after using a similar company for years. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it is because of their attention to detail. Every job is reviewed: questions are asked, details are clarified and sometimes mistakes are found. This gives us the security that our products will have consistent quality control. Over the years, we have developed a great working relationship with NorthWoods. So much so that I often feel they are not a separate business but a division within my corporation. There is no doubt that NorthWoods Manufacturing has been a factor in the continuous growth of my business, and will continue to be so for years to come.” – Matthew Fauller, President, Fauller Woodworking & Restoration, Inc.


“We are a small shop that manufactures high-quality cabinetry. With the volume that we do, outsourcing is a necessary means to keep up with our demand. Outsourcing sheet milling to NorthWoods Manufacturing has allowed my team to focus the other aspects of cabinet making: finishing and installation, therefore increasing our production capacity in the shop.

We are a modest shop, a little old school. We are not automated in any way. As a result, we used to process materials the old-fashioned way. That is not a bad thing all of the time, but when there is a better way to accomplish something without compromising quality, why not go after it?

NorthWoods willingness and ability to help in various aspects of a project is a huge strength of theirs. Whatever we need help with, they can accomplish. Their front office team is professional and courteous and the materials we receive are always milled just the way we specify and delivered quickly.

My favorite part about working with Bill and his team is their willingness to be supportive of us and our business. Regardless of the request, they are 100% behind us. Bill is a “cards on the table” kind of person. He is always willing to give advice on manufacturing and materials, plus he is a team player. He understands what it’s like operating a small shop and is there to help in any way he can.”” – David Beaulieu, Beaulieu Cabinetry

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